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Robot Invasion

                1          Something happens!      Have you ever wondered what it was like to invent a giant robot who could knock down the Grand Canyon in one hit?                                                  Meet Lyte Fern.  Lyte didn’t have to imagine that. He had built one already, and his genius was unknown to nobody except Terrence Witherfield. Yes, hisContinue reading “Robot Invasion”

Backwards Elementary

Introduction WARNING: This story has a lot of sdrawkcab words in it. And sdrawkcab forwards is backwards. You’ll get it soon. Some of these children are, well . . . sdrawkcab. Again, you’ll get it. Please don’t read any chapters about food if you’re planning to eat in the next 400 hours. Or if youContinue reading “Backwards Elementary”

Element Island

Introducing The Four Main Elements Have you ever wondered if there was a place where all the elements huddled together, deciding what major thing was gonna happen next with them? Like: mudslide or earthquake? Avalanche or blizzard? Wildfire or volcano eruption? Flood or tsunami? Tornado or Hurricane? Well, there is. Element Island.                          At Element Island….Continue reading “Element Island”

The Hypomind of Romania

The Hypomind Of Romania Warning! The following words are horror to kids. It is so boring only adults can read it. Please take awareness of this. The symptoms are dizziness, encouraging people to not give up, following rules, and overall acting like adults. I have tried to erase this, but these editors are so annoying.Continue reading “The Hypomind of Romania”

My Scary Life

Chapter 2: School It was getting very close to September, and I was excited. It was almost time for school. I wanted to learn. You might have noticed that learn and school were written like this. That’s because learn and school were words that dad taught me. So now you know that when words areContinue reading “My Scary Life”

My Scary Life

Chapter 1: Me, a toddler I awoke as a baby alone in a cramped room in a cramped apartment. Finding nothing to do, I started searching for somebody.  Finally, when I was ready to give up crawling, I caught a glimpse of a tall figure. I looked back. Indeed there was a tall figure. AContinue reading “My Scary Life”


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