Robot Invasion

                1          Something happens!      Have you ever wondered what it was like to invent a giant robot who could knock down the Grand Canyon in one hit?                                                  Meet Lyte Fern.  Lyte didn’t have to imagine that. He had built one already, and his genius was unknown to nobody except Terrence Witherfield. Yes, hisContinue reading “Robot Invasion”

Element Island

Introducing The Four Main Elements Have you ever wondered if there was a place where all the elements huddled together, deciding what major thing was gonna happen next with them? Like: mudslide or earthquake? Avalanche or blizzard? Wildfire or volcano eruption? Flood or tsunami? Tornado or Hurricane? Well, there is. Element Island.                          At Element Island….Continue reading “Element Island”

Astolagia- The Great Quest

   Prologue “Almost midnight,” Desertus murmured at the East Kingdom. “It is fine, Lord,” Servant A mumbled. “We don’t even know if Mr. H meant 12 a.m.” “You dare call him Mr. H!” Desertus scolded. “And if a mysterious man takes away my powers and writes a weird note, don’t you think he means midnight?”Continue reading “Astolagia- The Great Quest”

The Hypomind of Romania

The Hypomind Of Romania Warning! The following words are horror to kids. It is so boring only adults can read it. Please take awareness of this. The symptoms are dizziness, encouraging people to not give up, following rules, and overall acting like adults. I have tried to erase this, but these editors are so annoying.Continue reading “The Hypomind of Romania”

Bert And Akrit and the Sweet Eating Savage

Chapter one: Baseball cards I, Akrit Simha Lutetia, am on a blood-curdling adventure to find the hidden treasure. Then, I hear a thump, thump, thump. And then-Akrit! Akrit! AKRIT! “Huh? Yeah?” I said as I sleepily rubbed my eyes. “Do you want pepper on your eggs? Mom asked impatiently. “Sure,” I replied, still not fullyContinue reading “Bert And Akrit and the Sweet Eating Savage”