My Scary Life

Chapter 2: School

It was getting very close to September, and I was excited. It was almost time for school. I wanted to learn. You might have noticed that learn and school were written like this. That’s because learn and school were words that dad taught me. So now you know that when words are written like this, it means it’s one of the words I learned from my dad. Anyway, about school, it was August 21 already! Which means… school is starting in 

9 days! So… unless my dad was telling a lie, notice that lie was written like this, the most exciting 8 and a half months is going to start in 9 days! 

So… fast forward 9 days. School wasn’t what I thought it was. Everyday, first thing in the morning (9:30),we did five crawls around the carpet, since we couldn’t run. I hated it. We did it every class. And judging by the way dad said that I would learn much more, and would stay in the same school until highschool, I could tell school wouldn’t improve much. The millisecond I came home, I started crying. As usual, dad understood me. “Have a bad first day?” He sighed. I bobbed my head. “Let me tell you the story of when it was my first day.”

“I was a bit older than you, three years old. My mom was trying to get me out of bed, but I refused to go to school. She wasn’t so mad, because she knew if I was late, which I was, the teacher would feel pity, especially

because it was my first day. “C’mon Alli,” which is what she called me because, a new fact about me, Allegro is my first name.”

Anyway, she was really, really trying. She offered deals like two scoops of ice creams for three weeks, three slices of cakes for the next two or three birthdays, she even offered to buy the-super-expensive-but-totally-trendy new toy car!” He sighed dreamily, as if wondering what it would be like if he had accepted the deal. “I could tell she regretted offering the last deal and tried to light a spark of hope that I wouldn’t accept the deal. I actually wasn’t going to stop there, but I liked playing with her and pretended to take it into considering. I said,”Do you promise that you will get me the new Lightning Mcqueen

car if I accept the deal?”because, of course, the new car was a Lightning Mcqueen.” She hesitated. Then, she said,“Ok..” ”Ok,”I replied back to her. I paused dramatically. “My answer is… no.” She almost – almost, that is,- had her expression overwhelmed with relief. “Wait, what?” she asked, realizing what I had just said.

“Yep,”I said proudly. “Wait, so then what do you want me to do for you so I can  get you to go to school?” She grunted. “I have a deal for you,” I said coyly. I will go to school today, If I don’t go to school tomorrow.” The end.” I had fallen asleep. He grinned toothily.

Here I am, Callista Evergreen, total nerd and dork of Olor Middle School ( though nobody knows that because I’m definitely not popular, the popular kids just think every they don’t know is a dork and a nerd), I’m not actually much of a nerd, but I love puzzles, so I guess that makes me a nerd. So I’m leaning against my locker, waiting for Computer Science to start, with my friend Danial Heathens. Of course he isn’t a total psychotic maniac,  but if you’re the right person, you can get him to act pretty furious. “Well, well, well,” Tank Bando said, coming in 2 minutes before Computer Science class. “See you’re still a dork, judging by what you’re wearing, “he snickered. “Get a life, Tank,” Danial growled. “Whoah, whoah, let’s talk about you first, Pyscho Boy, ” Tank sneered. “What kind of life do you have?” “Hmmmm let’s think, I live in a house, have some decent parents, don’t want to crush everyone to a pulp with words and fist,” Danial replied. “Now get for to reasons; I’ll tackle you and I need to go to Computer Science.” “Fine,” Tank said, “because I already have 8 detentions waiting for me, but, one day, you’ll finally be bowing to me and complete my set.” “You seriously think I bow to you?” I said. “Well, you didn’t reply when I ripped up your homework papers and sent a rude note, stuffing it in your locker, so- “You did that!” I screamed. I knew it!” I barreled toward him, full rage mode, Danial barely holding me back. “Ugh, that doesn’t look so good,” Tank muttered, frowning. “Well, I better get out,” and he walked away, calmly whistling to himself as he strolled down the hall. Danial bared his teeth, almost turning into The Maniac Man himself, but held it back, knowing that it would probably earn twice as many as Tank had already had, releasing me and him. “Well, better get to Computer Science,” Danial said, walking into the Computer Science room. I wondered how he shifted moods so easily, especially being The Maniac Man himself. I shrugged and followed him into the classroom.

9 thoughts on “My Scary Life

  1. Hi Aadi dearest- I loved reading this post and left me wanting for more. I am falling in love with this intelligent, self aware and fun loving protagonist of your story!


  2. Amazing Aeesome story can’t wait for the 3rd chapter to read !
    Did I mention u are great writer at this age
    Congratulations !
    Keep it up


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