The Hypomind of Romania

The Hypomind Of Romania

Warning! The following words are horror to kids. It is so boring only adults can read it. Please take awareness of this. The symptoms are dizziness, encouraging people to not give up, following rules, and overall acting like adults. I have tried to erase this, but these editors are so annoying. Sorry. 

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 The End. or is It? No seriously, it’s The end. Okay, okay, just wanted to add some drama.


I have more bad luck than usual


Pigs. Big, fat-bellied pigs. They’re enemies. They can kill us. Oh. Didn’t know I was writing that. Anyway, hi. I’m Iliniys. Iliniys Forato Rathero. I’m twelve. I hate those pigs. Oh yeah. About pigs. Pigs have been eating my plants. Now, usually I don’t care about plants, but I need them for school. I mean, most of you probably don’t have fat pigs eating your school plants at home, but I’m different. ‘Cause I do. I live on a farm inTexas with my abuela and my madre. Deal with all the spanish stuff. Look it up. Also, you might be thinking why I didn’t just lock up the pigs and put them in a cage. This is why. When my padre died, me, my madre and my abuela didn’t have enough money to afford all the food and taxes and even a job.  Because sadly, my madre and my abuela didn’t have a career. My padre was the only one. So we had to move to another cheaper house. Unfortunately, some weird stuff had been going on with the selling. It allowed us to live there, but for some reason the original keepers of the house still own the animals. We still took care of them and named them(some of them), but we needed permission to put them in any source of containment that might hint that we’re abusing them. And the owners were in North Carolina and we didn’t have their number. So, yeah, not driving 17 hours to ask to put a pet in a cage and driving 17 hours to come back. So 34 hours total, with traffic there and the way back so 36 hours, and we would have to probably stay there for the night so around 44 hours total, and then we would have to stop for breakfast on the way there and back so 46 hours, and lunch and dinner so 50 hours, so… no.

“Chico!”  ¿Qué has hecho? Dejamé vendarlo antes de que te desangres!” my abuela cries. Wait… give me a second to translate that. So, it’s; boy! What have you done?  Let me bandage you before you bled-wait, bleed to death. Wait, bleed to death? I’m not bleeding, much less hurt. The only thing is that scar on my lip that I got two weeks ago when I tried to kiss our dog Snap on the nose. He did exactly what his name says.  “No estoy sangrando para nada, abuela,” I reply. (Translation: I’m not bleeding at all, grandmother). “Si lo eres, chico, en el labio,” she says. (Translation: Yes you are, boy, on the lip). “La cicatriz es muy vieja y seca,” I say. (Translation: The scar is very old and dry).”Es fresco y brillante,” she argues.(Translation: It’s fresh and bright). “Si le pones un vendaje me veré tonto en la escuela,” I say. (Translation: If you put a bandage on it, I will look silly at school). “Multa,” she ends. Since that’s only 1 word, you’ll have to search it up.  Anyway, that conversation probably described my abuela a bit. She was kinda tensa and was always worried about me. Tensa doesn’t mean tense, by the way. It means uptight. Also, you might be wondering why I have such a weird name. Iliniys. I have been too. For 10 years.

I’m so bored. I finished school just now. I’m bored. Which is why I’m  going for a bike ride.

While I’m biking, I see storm clouds. Normally I would have gone inside the house, but boredom and curiosity consumed safety(and I don’t have much of that) and I headed into the clouds. They were pushing me out, as if they didn’t want me to come in.  Until they ate me.

I fall around six thousand feet

I meet a friendly talking bull

Why do I live with strangers and like it?

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” I scream the only thing that comes out of my mouth. I never wanted to die falling trillions of feet!  I plunge into the… soft blanket pillow? Wait, is this heaven? Probably is. Except usually in heaven, you don’t have a mind. You just drift around. Not that I have been to heaven. Do… Do I see people walking? Walking?!! I grab the nearest one and scream,”Estoy en el cielo? ¿Estás vivo?” He looks at me, frightened, and says,”Looks like we got a new recruit, and 1 who speaks spanish!” He put something in my open mouth and everything goes black.

    My eyes flutter open. I was inside a small cabin which was apparently vacated. “Hol-hola.” I didn’t realize I could barely choke out words because of the searing pain in my throat. As if on cue, a short man with an unshaved beard in a robe marches into the room. “Ah,” he says. He strokes his beard. “Are you okay?” I try to speak, but I can’t. “Yes, Larry gave you Harley.” I give him a quizzical face. “Harley is basically a food that refreshes your mind. I give him an alarmed face. “No, it won’t erase your memory.” I give him an even more alarmed face. I wasn’t even considering that it might erase my memory. I was wondering why there was an unknown food in this… place. Oh yeah, I want to talk. As if reading my mind, he tells me, you can talk now. I throw up my hands and launch into a series of questions.”¿Qué sucedió? Estoy en el cielo? ¿Estoy muerto? ¿Dónde estoy?”  “Whoah, whoah,” he says. “I understand you, literally.” He translates my words and repeats them with perfect accent. “See?” “Si,” I say. Then I convert to English. “What has happened?” Why am I here?” Is this what death feels like?” “Why are you so short?” “What has happened is that you are a semizeu.  Semizeu is a demigod, in Romanian.” “Like in Percy Jackson,” I say. “But my birthday isn’t in 4 months.” “Why did you do it early?” “And it’s supposed to be Greek, not Romanian.” “No, no, no,” he says, chuckling. “This isn’t for your birthday.” To show me, he snapped his fingers and summoned a fat cow. “I am Mathra, son of  Beastor, god of animals. I stared at him in awe. “More questions.” “How’d you do that?” “I haven’t heard of Beastor, who is he?” “How does he have to do with Romania?” “I still know this is for my birthday.” “Let me explain.” “There are some people in the world who have special powers. They are semizeu. They are all born where you are born.” “Texas?” I asked. “No, Earth.” “We’re not on Earth?” I panicked and started flailing my arms. “I’m running out of oxygen!” I gripped my throat.” You’re aliens!” “Both ways!” “Calm down.” “We are on Earth.” “Just in a hidden place.” “We are in New York.” “And-” “How are we in New York?” I live in Texas!” “SILENCE!” Suddenly Mathra was more than a short calm man wrapped in a robe. He was a giant, six foot tall,  talking bull. The cow from earlier mooed and trotted outside. “LET ME SPEAK.” “Y-yes Mathra,” I stammered. He turned back into himself. “One of your questions was how does Beastor and the other gods have to do with Romania, yes?” “You are right, it does have to do with Percy Jackson. The creator of Camp Doua-Sange, which means Two-Blood, was a son of Visionous, god of thought and imagination and creation, named Sarongus, who inspired Rick Riordan, also a son of Visionous, to write the Percy Jackson series. “Is it real?” I ask. “Yes,” he says. “You haven’t heard of Beastor and Visionous and the others because they are called hidden gods.” They aren’t written in books and are only known by semizeu and other hidden gods.” “They only speak Romanian because it is the language of hidden gods.” “So you’re saying I’m one of the sons of these gods.””And my madre is married to him.” “And she is mortal?” “And my mom doesn’t know she is married to a god.”“Yes, now let me explain the names of the gods.” “You know Beastor and Visionous, and then there’s Demonious, god of the afterlife and hell and heaven, and finally Karma, lord of the gods and god of future, choices, luck, endings, and death.” “No one has been a child of Karma in the last 40,000 years.” “Wait, I thought Demonious was the god of death, and how come they are only four gods?” “Since we are hidden gods, there are less of them,” he answers. “Many gods choose not to be  hidden to show off, like the Greeks in Percy Jackson, and other reasons.” “And Karma makes you do stupid choices, or takes away your luck, that often causes death.” “She only takes your luck away if you do something bad.” “After all, she is Karma.” “And Demonious is the god of the afterlife.” “He can’t cause death.” “Well, he’s a god, so obviously he can.”But my point is, his special power is that he controls people once they’re dead.” “Wait, he can make people come back from the dead?” “No, but he and his children can talk to ghosts and can bring skeletons back under his orders.” “Though the skeletons aren’t as strong as when they were living,” he explains. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” “Are you sure this isn’t for my birthday?”

“Listen!” Mr. Gater, camp director, voice bellowed on the loudspeaker. “Son of Demonious speaking.” “Iliynis Rathero, the new kid at camp, still hasn’t found his godly parent.” All on a loudspeaker with everyone listening. Great start to the day. “All the cabin hosts shall gather in the Tower of Karma to discuss his… misfortune.”

“People!” Mathra raised his hands. “In order to get Iliynis’s parent to claim him, we will have to perform The Trade Of Coins.” Whispers gathered in the room. All this talk of parents reminded me of my madre and my abuela. They must be worrying like crazy by now. “Um, Mathra?” I ask. “Yes, Iliynis?” “When will I return to my family?” “My  mortal family?”“Oh, yes, we sent an email to them that you accidentally walked into a science lab while looking for home because you were lost and had to be kept in there ‘cause you were hurt and they shouldn’t come in because the sight of you would probably leave them emotionally scarred.” I stared at him. “How did you know their email address?””And why’d you write that?” “We have a technology expert,” Mathra says slyly. “Okay…. What’s  “The Trade Of Coins?”” Mathra’s smile faded. “I’ll tell you after we’re done.”  He walks up to the dry fireplace. “O’ gods, accept my offering,” he chants. “One of you please claim Iliniys Forato Rathero and we shall trade the sixth Colossal Coin.”  The fireplace began to glow with a blue light. A script printed out.

 We shall take the Colossal Coin, but this is the sixth one. 8 is our sacred number. Remember.The curse. The parent of Iliynis is the lone one. The almighty. This is all I can reveal. It is enough.

Sincerely, ________ 

“What was that?” I asked.  “Who’s “The Lone One”?” Lots of stares. Everyone except me knew what it meant. “The Lone One was the nickname f-for Karma,”Mathra says quietly. “Ohhhhhh, because she has no children, I get it,” I say. “Why’s everyone staring at me?” “Karma has no children because they would be too powerful and out of control.””The last one was killed right after birth.” “Dang it,” I curse. Why does Camp Doua Sange have to be so much like Percy Jackson? What did Percy do to get out of being killed again?

“Can’t we just do what Percy did?” I ask. “Or better yet, I can just go home and pretend this never happened.” “No, definitely not,” Mathra and Mr. Gater say in unison. “If you’re a semizeu, you’re gonna stay here every summer to master your powers and fighting skills.” “You can leave when you’re 18, or you can stay here to teach or just hang out with your semizeu family.” “Oh.” It hadn’t occurred to me that I might marry another semizeu.  Reading my mind, Mathra says, “You can wed with a regular mortal too, if you want.” “You might not be alive by then,” Mr. Gater muttered. “I heard that!” I say, offended. “It’s true,” Mathra says sadly, and if Mathra’s not hiding the truth, it’s probably pretty hard to get out of this. “Maybe you can execute me tomorrow,” I say hopefully. “Then if I can remember what Percy did, I won’t be dead in 21 hours.”  “Tomorrow  evening,” Mr. Gater says gruffly. “You’ll have until tomorrow evening.”

Six hours 

I died

I’m a zombie, though I’m not

Six hours. In six hours I would be dead. Sadly, I hadn’t even gotten to marry someone.  Or be 20 years old. Or 19. Or 18. Or 17. Or 16. Or 15. Or 14. Or 13. That’s just pathetic . Not even being in my teens yet. Some relative to the lord of gods I am. Though I did get to find out who the  camp bully is. Bagan Lare Uster. I would love to meet him. You see, I’m good against bullies. I know and have mastered the two most powerful attacks. Sarcasm and humor. And the cool  thing is they can be used as offence or defence. I use them in such a way the bullies  are just scared of me. Which kind o’ makes me the bully. But, meh, I’m bored. Luckily, I know he’s gonna be  one of the hard ones, not one of the bullies who are little easy manipulated jerks. By other jerks. Luckily again, he’s coming here right now. “Hey, dork,” he says. Before I can say anything, he’s gone. Toness walks by and says, “Son of Beastor, just turned into a chameleon.” Toness is my friend. Since I’m a son of  Karma,  or an unknown semizeu, then I sit in the Visionous Cabin, since no one is a child of Karma, so there is no cabin for her. So the Visionous Cabin is full of actual Visionous children, and unknown semizeu. Toness is an actual Visionous daughter, and I imagine it would be pretty cool if you were an unknown semizeu, made some friends in the Visionous Cabin, then turned out that you are a child of Visionous, so you wouldn’t have to leave them.  “Oh,” I say. So  this might be a very hard bully to tackle. 

“Any last words?” The Executioner says under his mask. Everyone was at my executioning except Bagan and Toness. “Yup,” I say. “What?” he says, irritated. “Can you not kill me?” “Nope,” he says. “So you won’t kill me?” “Stop talking, I said last words.” “Not  last sentences.” “But those last sentences were my last words,” I complain. “Errghh!” He raises his axe and brings it down on my chest.

 Infinite pain shoots through my body. I thrash and struggle. Suddenly, I tense. A sharp power crawls through my veins. I lift my hands. A glowing blue sword appears in my palms. I fuse with the sword and disappear in a golden light in midair, with the sword. Then, black.

My first thought; I’ve blacked out two times in a week. Some son of the god of luck.

I hear whispers. “I hear him breathing.” “Do you think he remembered what he did?” “Does he know that sword was Secerătorul Strălucitor?”

“Powerful son of Karma.”  That voice I recognized. Toness. I groan. 

“He’s alive!”Toness screams in joy. “I mean -he’s alive, cool,” she says, blushing. “We should better get him to Mathra,” a voice says. “No,” I manage to moan. “He says no,” Toness says, defending me. “You seriously want three teenagers taking care of a weird coming-back-from-the-dead son of Karma?” “He’s not weird, Bagan!” “And he’s not coming back from the dead, he was never dead in the first place, he’s just so strong that he’s immortal!” “No semizeu can survive that blow, son of Karma or not. It must have been his dad helping him,” another voice says- Larry, I placed. “He makes a point,” Bagan says. “Do you want him cutting off your head with Secerătorul Strălucitor?” Toness counters. Bagan gulps. “No.” “Then don’t argue with him.” “Wh-What is Secretary Stratusluckitor?” I say, trying to get up. “Don’t stand,” Toness warns. Too late. I hobble out of the bed. “I need answers,” I demand. “We don’t have any,” Toness says hopelessly. Just then it occurred to me that Toness, Larry and Bagan had been watching me for god knows how much time. Bagan. “Um, so how long have you been watching me?” I ask. “About four hours,” Toness says.  “Stalker,” Bagan mutters. I defend her now. “She’s not a stalker!” “Do you seriously think 

a daughter of Visionous, always daydreaming and thinking about different things, would pay so much attention to one boring thing that’s supposed to be dead?” “See, even he agrees that he’s come back from the dead!”Bagan says. “He says he was supposed to be dead, not coming back from the dead,” Larry points out, “therefore still agreeing with Toness’s argument.” “Whose side are you on?” Bagan complains. “No one,” Larry says. “I’m neutral.” “What is Secretary Stratusluckitor?”I repeat. “It’s Secerătorul Strălucitor meaning The Glowing Reaper, and it’s the most powerful sword on earth. Not even Beastor or Visionous or Demonious can wield it. Only Karma and his children can hold it. And it doesn’t even make you immortal. Children of Karma can use it only once in battle, and Karma can use it 8 times,” Toness says. “So… what are you getting at?” I say. “Seeing that it saved your life, you’re already more powerful than most children of Karma, but if this happens more than eight times, y-you might be stronger than Karma herself.” She winces, as if she had been punched in the stomach. “Why’d you flinch?” I asked. “If you say anything-” “Wait, let me guess, the gods don’t like it when you insult them.” “How’d you know?” she asks. “I’ve read the Percy Jackson series. Mathra said Camp Doua-Sange was based on that.” “Oh,” she says. Something flashes on her face- Envy? Jealousy? I’m not sure, but something weird had flashed in her expression. Something different, something not her. Something-something evil. “By the way, I’m still calling it Secretary Stratusluckitor,” I say. Larry chuckles.

“We have gathered in the Tower of Karma for the second time this week, both to discuss Iliniys,” Mr.Gater says. Bagan, the cabin host for the Beastor Cabin, raises his hand. “Are we gonna try to kill him again?” “Of course not!” Toness snaps. She’s back to being herself again. Though I think she might have a crush on me. Probably not. Not a lot of girls are attracted by my personality and funniness. They mostly judge on the looks.

But meh, if I even get a girlfriend, I won’t know how to keep the relationship for more than a day without blowing it. “All you know that Iliniys had somehow summoned  Secerătorul Strălucitor and he had somehow achieved the power to modifica the way to use it, with no magical practice,” Mr. Gater began. “It had connected to his soul and tied his life force to it,” Mathra continued. “Permanently.” “So…….” I begin. “He is immortal when he is touching  Secerătorul Strălucitor, and he’s always touching it, because it always comes back to him, so….. he’s immortal.” Silence.  Finally I speak up. “Wow.” “Immortality, cool, huh.” “Yeah,” Toness chimes in, following my lead. “Nice,” Larry says. “Celebration!” Dylan, cabin host of the Demonious Cabin yells.” “Woohoo!” Toness shouts. “Yeah!” I yell. All of us tromp down the Tower of Karma and party. But we know it’s not over. We’re gonna have to do something about this, and I’m probably gonna die… Wait, I’m immortal. But, according, to the messed up world filled with monsters, it is possible to take away immortality. Sooo….

I got a girlfriend!

Căutarea a what now?

I’m too young to die

Now you’re telling me this camp has a mummy that tells the future? This is sooo Percy Jackson  

“So… Toness, want to see the fireworks with me?” I ask. “Are you asking me out?” she asks casually. “Um, yes, no, yes maybe?” I blush. “‘Cause if you are, the answer’s yes, dummy!” Toness rolls her eyes. She grabs my hand. “C’mon!” I squeal in delight in my head. Karma, help me keep this relationship for at least a week, I silently pray. Reading my mind, Toness says, “Even if you’re clumsy at dates, I think I’ll stay with you for at least two weeks, probably more.” “Thanks,” I say, embarrassed. “No problem,” she laughs. 

“Dunkin’ time!” yells Toness’s brother, Nylon, jumping from the bushes. Larry and Bagan follow. “Uh-oh,” I mutter. “What?” Toness asks. “They’re gonna throw us in the lake, aren’t they?”  “Yep!” she laughs. And we let them pick us up getting ready to dunk us in Lake Two-Blood. For some reason, my instincts tell me to search my pocket. Inside, surprisingly, I pull out Secretary Stratusluckitor. Exactly when we reach the water, I move my sword in a bubble shape. It creates an air bubble inside the water around us. “Just like Percy Jackson,” I mutter. “How’d you do that?” Toness says in wonder. “Just luck,” I laugh. And we kiss, in water.

“So you’re telling me he can create things with his sword?” Mathra asks in wonder. “Yeah,” I say.  “Can you try making something right now?”  “Ok-” “I told you, he can only do it when he’s truly focused on something, like me,” Toness snickers, interrupting me. “Mhhm, like you didn’t squeal with joy when you heard me groan.” “He’s a powerful son of Karma,” I mimic. “He’s so strong that he’s immortal.” “Stop it!” says, slapping my hand playfully. “You adore me,” I tease. “I don’t!” she says. “Then why’d you kiss me five times in the lake?” I counter. “You were eager to kiss me back,” she retorts. “Only because you would slap me, like you did just now. I thought one kiss was enough, Ms. Expert At Dates.” “Really, because I thought-” “Let’s continue,” Mathra says uncomfortably. “Fine,” Toness says, glaring at me. “So, I’ve been thinking, about powers and adventures… We should consult Mumia profețiilor!” he blurts out. “For a Căutarea a patru!” “Mummy Professor what?” I ask. “Mumia profețiilor,” Toness corrects. “The Mummy Of Prophecies.” “Aw, don’t tell me, a mummy with a bunch of jewelry on in the Tower of Karma where you have to ask for the future but you will probably go crazy hearing the horrible future.” “And it’s for something kind of quest?” “Căutarea a patru,Mathra corrects. “Percy Jackson?” Toness guesses. “Yeah.” “You up for the task?” Mathra asks. “Why not, I’ll know when I die,” I shrug. “Is he going alone?” Toness asks. “See, you can’t leave me,” I say. “I mean, I have obvious good looks and am really funny, soo…” Toness blushes.  “I don’t really want him to die,” she says. “You admit it yourself. You love me.” “I do, and you love me too,” Toness says. “I do,” I admit. “You’re pretty awesome. You built a machine that can dress you up or tidy your clothes if within reaching distance,” I say. “That’s pretty cool.” “It wasn’t that hard,” she says, embarrassed. “You blush 500 times in one conversation with me. You have to be a bit impressed with me,” I say. “I am,” she confesses. “So, about that mummy……”

“Be careful,” Toness tells me for the 500th time. “I will, I will,” I say. “I know you won’t,” she says. She kisses me. “Good luck,” she says. And I walk into the Tower of Karma. Inside, it’s normal. There’s the poker table we have meetings at, eating chips. But I’m going to the top floor. That floor. I walk up the first flight of stairs, then second, then… I’m here. The attic. I switch the lights on. The lightbulbs flicker with light, then extinguish. Great. Darkness to add to the creaking floor boards. Luckily but not luckily, the mummy glows. It’s faint light illuminates the room, showing me that it is exactly how I thought it looked like. It’s green eyes seemed to burn intensely. As if it knew my secrets. It had several bracelets and necklaces, gleaming golden. I say, “So… uh, what’s my future for the quest thing?” No response. “Recite a prophecy for my adventure,” I instruct more sternly. This time there’s a reaction. “Four shall go to the land of no rain, son of luck leading. One shall be left behind, for water he shall be needing. God of animals, shall leave a hole, where wolves will sever one’s soul. Their path for life will be set, soon one of them will meet death.” I was silent for a while. One line really scared me. God of animals shall leave a hole, where wolves will sever one’s soul. The meeting death part was probably the god of death, so either dad or Demonious. I didn’t think one of us would actually die. But the needing water was just confusing. I would pack water, if he needed water I would give some to him. If we were out we wouldn’t leave him behind. We would get some more. Hmm… I think. I shrug.  We can discuss it later. I haven’t gone crazy. That’s an upside. I am about to walk out the door when I remember something. In Percy Jackson, a scroll that had the Great Prophecy was in the necklace of the Oracle thing. I quickly dashed to the many necklaces that the mummy was wearing and checked them. Nope. Couldn’t see anything. It was worth a try.  I strolled out the door and walked outside. Before I could react, Toness suffocates me in a bear hug. “Can’t… breathe…” I wheeze. “Sorry.” She blushes. “Are you okay?” “Yup.” “Did you succeed?” “Sadly, yeah.” “Was it legit?” Larry comes in. “Totally.” “It went all, ‘Four shall go to the land of no rain, son of luck leading. One shall be left behind, for water he shall be needing. God of animals, shall leave a hole, where wolves will sever one’s soul. Their path for life will be set, soon one of them will meet death.’”  “Ugh,” Toness shuddered. “We know the son of luck is you, but you’ll have to choose your partners.”  “I know most of them, just one more left,” I say with a smile. “Well, you’re gonna decide tonight.” 

“This evening is a special one,” Mathra says, all of us gathered around the bonfire.  “Iliniys will be deciding who he will venture with for his quest to the land with no rain, which I assume is a desert.” “Do you know your partners, Iliniys?” I  brave a confident smile. “Toness,” I declare. “Um, of course!” She tries for a bright face. “Larry,” I announce. “Hotdiggidydoo!” “Of course!” He stands up.  “And, um, um, Dylan.” “Wow,” he says. “Um, well sure,” he says. “But, well, I kinda can’t.” “Why?” I ask. Dylan’s face flushes in embarrassment. “My  mom tells me no dangerous stuff. And she was referring to rock-climbing walls, not life-risking quests.” “But she’s mortal,” Bagan says. “60 percent of semizeu die in their teens!”Dylan shoots back. “At least mortals can even live to 120!” “Semizeu die fighting,” Larry points out. “Martin Luther King died fighting!” “He was mortal!” “Nope, Martin was a son of Beastor, and he wasn’t fighting, some dude just snuck up and shot him,” Bagan argues. “Then that dude is stupid!” “Actually, people who manage to kill heroes-” “Oh, shut up already!” Larry scowls at Dylan. “Really? I’m supposed to shut up? You’re the one who keeps telling us that you know when we die. That’s just creepy.” Larry almost topples over at the glare Dylan is giving him. If looks could kill, Larry would be long gone.

 “Calm down!” Mathra says, using a rare voice-raise. “If Dylan can’t go, please choose someone else, Ilinyis.” “Okay…. Let’s see… Ally, daughter of Beastor, Hypno, son of Visionous, Nylon, also son of Visionous, Bartera, daughter of Demonious…” I murmur. “Maybe… No he would never accept it…. But….”  I went back and forth like that for a while, and finally decided. “Bagan,” I say reluctantly. “Sure, bro,” Bagan easily answers. I stare at him. “Really?” “Really, dude.” “Okay, I forgot what happens when I choose my partners in Percy Jackson,” I say. “We start tomorrow morning,” Toness reminds me. “But I have barely had any training!” I complain. “You’ve had a whole month, time goes faster than you think,” Toness says. “And you’re immortal,” Bagan says, gritting his teeth. He says immortal like it’s a plague. “You won’t die.” I hide my face with my hood. “I think I should, as well with you, go to bed,” Mathra speaks up. “Yes,” Mr. Gater says. “GO TO BED.” “BED.” “Okay, yeah.”

Five ‘o clock. That’s the time Bagan wakes me up. “Get up,” he says. I groan. “Get up,” he repeats. “It’s five in the morning,” I say groggily. “Toness woke up at 4:30.” “Why?” “She’s never gone on a quest.” “So?” “She’s excited. Now change your clothes or I’ll pummel you with my fist.”

On that happy note, he left.

“Time to choose your weapons,” Mathra announces. “Iliniys has got Secerătorul Strălucitor, Toness has got her dagger, Poanson, which means Piercer-” Toness pulls out a bronze knife out of her pocket, which looked like it had been electrified-“and Bagan has… well Bagan has his amazing power to communicate and turn into animals, but if you want a weapon, you’re free to choose.” “I do, thank you very much,”Bagan growls. He rummages in the storage closet. Suddenly, he feels something. Something hot, but exactly the right temperature. He pulls it out. He was holding a sharp, two-edged, silver sword. It’s handle was a searing gold, almost blinding me. It was clean, and it’s edges were gleaming with light hungrily. Around it, all the illumination and brightness seemed to be evaporating. “Sabia morții,” Mathra says, stroking his chin. “The Death Sword.” “Cool,” Bagan says. “Beware, it is powerful,” Mathra warns. “When swords are strong, the wielder must be strong.” “The Death Sword sucks all the light out of its surroundings, confusing opponents and momentarily stunning their life force.” With Iliynis’s sword and yours, you will be a powerful but life-risking team.” “I noticed you didn’t mention me,” Toness says, crossing her arms. “Ah, Piercer,”Mr. Gater says, taking control. “She’s good, but you need to use her in the right way. If you do, miracles will come true. And not just winning the fight, but better miracles. Miracles that can determine wheather or not the world is going to keep going or retire.” “O….kay?” “Yes,” Mr. Gater says with a stern face. “She was mine, before I got Turkey here.” He pulled out a bacon and turkey sandwich and stroked it lovingly.” “Yeah, maybe I am not powerful enough to use it,” she says, backing away from Mr. Gater. “Oh no, anyone who can hold a weapon for nine minutes without burning to death is the true holder. Don’t question your worthiness.” He nods solemnly to the dagger. “Take care of her, okay?” Mathra saves the day. “Maybe you should take a walk. It’ll get rid of all the pain.” “Yes!” Mr. Gater wailed, suddenly sobbing. “Turkey is not worthy of Piercer! Only worthy of eating!” “Yeah, so…” “Is it done?” I ask. “Um, yes, it seems,” Mathra says. “Sooo…. Do we just wander into the woods?”

Talking trees

We happily wander into a dead man’s house

I didn’t know we could sing when we’re a zombie

“Youch!” Larry grumbles. “What?”  “I hit you?” “I HIT you?” “Seriously?” Toness glowers at Larry.  “If we go like this for another stupid day, we’re all gonna go stir-crazy!”Bagan roars. “CALM DOWN!” I whiplash my sword in the air, somehow knocking over several trees. Everyone stares at me in horror and fascination. “Sorry,” I apologize. “How did you do that? Mathra said my sword was as powerful as yours!” Bagan asks, avaricious to know. “I guess I’ve been training with Secretary Stratusluckitor more than you,” I say, shrugging. I could tell by the look on Bagan’s face that he wanted to say, You might as well have been drinking lemonade. That sword does all the work. “Um, does anyone hear the trees talking?” Larry asks. “Told you we’re going loony,” Bagan mutters. “We’re not, because I can hear it, and no offense, but I’m kinda the only one trying to calm you down,” I say. “None taken, none taken,” Toness murmurs. “I can hear it too.” “Then why can’t I-oh, I hear it,” Bagan says. “But why are they whispering about when I was little and I walked into a door?” Toness snickers.” “No, they are talking about when I bit my foot, started crying, then bit my foot again,” she says. “Oh gods, they’re talking about our most embarrassing moments!” Larry exclaims. “But for me, they’re talking about my scary death, which I really, really don’t want to talk about,” I say, shuddering. “I’ll destroy them,” Bagan growls. He disappears. “Bagan, Bagan?” Larry shrieks. “We’re in this TOGETHER!” “Don’t worry, I’ll find him,” I say. As if on cue, the trees start shaking. Bagan tumbles off, returning to human form.  “Hey!” he yelped. “We’re doing this as a team,” I say. “Even if that sounds horribly cheesy,” Toness adds helpfully. “Yep,” Larry agrees. “We will punish them, maybe even disintegrate them” I say, “but we’ll do it side by side.” “Okay,” Bagan says reluctantly. He walks right into a tree. “Oopsie,” he says, blushing.

“A cave,” Larry says flatly. “All this coming from a cave.” “Typical.” “Well, let’s check it out,” Bagan urges. “Maybe let’s wait for a bit,” Larry advises. “No, I agree with Bagan. I WILL CRUSH THEM,” Toness grimaces.

“Yeah, right,” a voice suddenly says. Larry’s eyes darted around. “Who was that?” “Me, you idiot,” he laughs cruelly. “I got this,” Bagan says. “He’s an idiot?” Bagan sneers. “You’re the one who’s scared because your voice sounds like a choked raccoon.” I hear a snarl. “Finally, I’ve met my match,” he says. “You have? You really haven’t, you overrated wisp of smoke,” I say, scowling at the cave. Toness smiles at me. “H-how did you know we are Spirite teaser?” I grin. “Percy Jackson, sucker. Your voice is very similar to venti. Just different pur-” Before I could finish my sentence, Bagan’s face turns purple with rage. In his eyes, red flames rise.  I could tell his mind was blowing up with fury. “ARRGHH!” he bellows. His arms fire up. And every single animal in the forest charges in the cave.

“Die!” Bagan thunders. Jaguars, spider monkeys, owls, lynx, woodpeckers, bears, bugs, and deer stampede (or fly) into the cavern. After a millisecond or so, I hear screams, shrieks, hollers, howls, screeches, wails, yowls, and caterwauls. Even Toness grabs random spheres out of her pocket and hurls them into the cave, flinging them with such ferocity I hear a crack in the wall. Several booms and explosions follow. Bagan storms into the wrecked cavern. Just then I realize I don’t know who Larry’s godly parent is. “By the way, who’s your immortal parent?” I ask Larry. He groans. “He doesn’t like to tell people,” Toness explains. “Why?” “His parent is a minor god. “But Mathra said they’re only four gods.” He was only reciting the major gods. There are over sixty hidden minor gods.” “I knew there were more gods.” “But who’s his parent?” “Distractera, goddess of hypnotizing, memory loss, and overall distracting.” “That’s why you didn’t think much about asking that question.” Larry nods shyly. “That’s probably why he carried a food that refreshes your memories,” I realize. “Wait, where’s Bagan?” “Off to get his animals.” “I don’t think animals would be reluctant to their master. Why’s he taking so long?” “I-I don’t know.” We stare in horror as realization dawns on us. “They’re ghosts. We can’t touch them.”

“Uh-oh,” I say. “Well, what’re we doing?” Larry demands. “C’mon!” He shoves me aside and marches into the cave. “Larry, wait-” Toness manages. A booming groan erupts from the cavern. “And then there were two,” I say. “Let’s go.” As soon as I walk in, my darkest memories pack my mind. My padre dying, my family dead broke, and also my worst ‘what ifs’. Like Toness breaking up with me, the scariest line of the prophecy coming true, and one of us dying. I imagine if the ‘wolves sever my soul’. My mind shattered, not knowing what my past was, and the one that overpowered all of them; believing that I was alone in this world, no friends, no nothing. I collapse, these horrible thoughts overwhelming me. The last words I hear;  I hope you sustain, young hero.

Knocked out

Those little – those little – little rainbows of joy! 

OH, sorry, I meant choked raccoons!

Bagans. Big, fat-bellied Bagans. Wait, I mean pigs. Wait, I mean ghosts. Yeah, ghosts. Wait, ghosts? GHOSTS?  Oh YEAH, we were trapped in a cave surrounded by very MEAN ghosts. ‘WE’ meaning Toness, Bagan and Larry. RIGHT? RIGHT? Oh, I haven’t my eyes yet. I moan in pain. Bagan pushes me with his butt in response. Okay, so not awake yet. I check out the room. The cave was filled with creepy paintings of possessed mortals with glowing red eyes. There was an unnerving statue of a cut off head, which wasn’t real, I hope. The walls were dusty otherwise. “Hey, you up?” Toness asks, poking her head around the metal door. I scream in terror in response. “Quiet!” she hisses. “I’m exploring.” “They seriously didn’t lock it?” I ask, ridiculed by they’re stupidness.“They can can hurt you, but other than that, they’re pig-headed, idiotic, moronic, imbeciles.” “Don’t insult too much! For some reason, my instincts tell me that since they’re literally called Teaser Spirits, they don’t like getting teased.” “Impolite guests!” a ghost cries, striding into the room. “You must remain unconscious until Ceai jignitor arrives.” “Sorry, but not sorry.” Toness unsheaths her dagger. The ghost utters a single word and solidifies. Toness gapes. The Spirite teaser takes the opportunity and lashes out with his own blade. Toness manages to dodge, but somehow the breath is sucked out of her. She gasps. I’m still staring. He manages to slice his sword through my stomach. I wheeze, and hold my sword. The same thing that happened at the executioning happened now, but faster.  Fusing, bright light, blah blah blah. “That’s not nice,” I scold. I stab the sword through his gut, but he turns to air again. I let out a deep breath, to keep myself from destroying the cave. At that moment, the ghost disintegrates. “Air!” Toness exclaims. “Air is their enemy when not solid!” “Perfect.” I grin. “But, Bagan and Larry.” “Yeah, let’s check on them,” Toness says. 

They were not there. We met Bagan holding his sword still, very pathetically, next to ghost, trying to stun his life force (bro, he’s already dead.) and wheezing “Must….Impress…. Dad….” And it hit me. Bagan so easily accepted the quest ‘cause he wanted to impress Beastor. And it hit me. Literally. A giant foot punched me into next month. I regenerated. Bagan wasn’t so lucky. He was punched back, and knocked unconscious. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot Larry creeping out of the cave. I don’t blame him. Nobody seems to notice him, so he probably was using some ‘distract’ magic. Toness was hurling smoke bombs like a maniac, scattering bits of ghost air everywhere, but I could tell she was running out of tricks. I focus on my sword and wish the winds to obey me. They do. A mini hurricane gushes out of the tip of Secretary Stratusluckitor, somehow busting ghosts to dust, but leaving my friends untouched. I’m grateful to Karma. But solidified spirits and the giant foot comes to close in. The foot just swings, occasionally killing me when I try to protect my friends. Someone roundhouse kicks’ me in the back. I groan in pain. I realize immortality isn’t so good if you just hurt a lot, or the enemies capture you and torture, but not kill you, and, if you have them, companions. I disintegrate most of them, but Toness is cornered. And I’m in quite a bad dilemma. Save Bagan, or Toness. I moan just thinking about it. Then I realize I’m the son of the god of death. I let all the emotions take over my mind, letting them flow freely through my body. A tornado erupts from my hand, crushing air and solidified ghosts. A killing blow from the foot reminds me to deal with that. It has a limited amount of range, ‘cause it just swings back and forth, but we can’t just walk out the exit. “It blocks it,” I mutter out loud. “What do you mean?” I scream in response. “Relax, dude, it’s only me,” Larry says. “And me,” Toness chimes in. “And Ilyn, that was cool.” “Can I call you Ilyn?” “Nope.” “But since Iliniys sounds weird, call me Ilyis.” “Okay,” Toness and Larry agree. “And Bagan,” Larry reminds. “What about him?” I concentrate on Bagan. “He’s better now,” I say confidently. Bagan wakes up. “W-what?” he stammers. “Wow, Ilyis, you might be too good a boyfriend,” Toness says in amazement. Bagan immediately brightens. “Dorky embarrassing nicknames? I’m in!” “Um, giant foot,” Toness prompts. “I got this,” I say. I run straight into the foot, die, and start hacking at it with my sword, shouting cuss words. “It’s not working!” Bagan calls. “Use your powers!”  “Okay.” This time, when I stab, it leaves a bloody gash. No roar in pain. It actually closes up the wound. “Not working!” I report. “Wait, it’s not dying?” Larry asks. “I guess since it’s just a foot, it doesn’t have a heart,” I reply. “Or maybe it does!” I can practically see Toness shouting ‘Eureka!’ and a lightbulb over her head. “Ilyis, destroy the wall, but make sure it doesn’t touch us,” Toness says, taking control, “and then fly us up. See if there’s more to this cavern.” “So we can just fly up!” Larry says. “No foot!” “No, he can’t hold all of us,” Toness says. “He’s picking us up one by one, landing us each on a tree. Then, Bagan and him will get down, and he will pick us up, if he’s too tired, Bagan will help.” “If there is more, we attack the giant.” We all stare. “Foolproof plan, Toness,”I say. “That’s what children of Visionous are for,”she says proudly. “Just one problem, if there’s a giant, I might not be able to protect you, and he might be immortal,” I say. “Oh.” “Well, there might not be a giant,” she says.

Of course not


I hope we don’t die

 It’s a curse. It’s literally just a curse. We hope that something will be good, and it obviously isn’t. You probably figured out that there was a giant. You’re wrong. There were two giants. And they were immortal. And we’re now captured and about to die. “We should’ve just kept on hacking,” Bagan complains. “Mofos Fosfo!” Larry’s voice muffles under his gag. The giants stifled his mouth because they somehow knew he would distract them with some hypnotizing magic. “Even if we were captured, I would like to not be in separate cells so I could ungag Larry,” I declare. “Everyone does,” Toness murmurs, trying to make a gadget to explode us out, without killing her and my friends, and with nothing to make it with. “I hate that they took my tools away,” she groans. “I literally only have a nail I got from the floor.” “And they took my dagger.” “And my sword,” I say miserably. “And mine,” Bagan moans. “Fey foo se foy!” Larry says, throwing up his hands. “I think he means ‘they took my voice,’” I translate. “Wait!” I exclaim. “I’ve thought of a plan!” “What?”they all ask frantically. “I can do stuff with my hands!” “I can use powers with my hands!” “No sword needed!”I concentrate very, VERY, hard. Nothin’ happens. “Whaaaaat?” I gape. “Ah,” Toness grumbles. It’s a ‘no magic’ dungeon.” “GRRRR…..GRRRRRR….ARGHHHHHHHHH!” Still nothing. I roar in rage. And a plan forms in my mind. I scream, I shout, I bellow, I guffaw, I hoot, I holler, I shriek, I boom, I rumble, I gale, I thunder. “YEEK!” The screech of the giants’ pet phoenix. Exactly what I wanted. It glides over to my cell, where I’m still yelling. C’mon, just a little bit closer. Then, “SQUAWK!” I grab the phoenix by the throat and push it’s head down. It crumples. “BLUNDER!” one of the giant bellows. The ground rumbles. “Ilinyis!” Toness shrieks. “What. Did. You. Do??” “Awesomeness,” I reply. A 16 foot tall giant storms into the room. He had scaly green skin, and a purple slithering in and out of his vase-shaped mouth. A dark green hood covers his head. “You have made a mistake,” it says nastily. It bares its fangs. “I am Şarpe, Giant of Reptiles.” “So giants are like gods, right?” I ask. “GIANTS ARE MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN GODS,”Şarpe snarls. Another giant marches in. It had light blue skin, smooth as ice, and wide eyes. Waterfalls sprang from random places in his body. “I am Râu, Giant of Water!” he exclaims cheerfully. “You’ve made a mistake,”Şarpe snarls.He opens the cell. As soon as he does, I leap out and grab his blade. “Arggh!” Unfortunately, a new one grew in his hand, 3 feet bigger, and silver instead of Snake Green like the one before. “Hmm, we’ll die in stupidness,” Bagan says, deep in thought. “Huh, let’s do it.” I implode his cell and he charges. Şarpe slashes, but Bagan transforms into a turtle and parries it with its shell. The blow must have been pretty hard, though, because he automatically turned back into human form, and winces in pain. Oh, I realize. Me and Bagan are the only one who have offense. Bagan has animal power, and I have my hands. Toness has nothing, but I should ungag Larry.  “Distract them,” I tell Bagan. With no other orders to him, I implode Larry’s cell. I release the muzzle from Larry’s mouth, and he shouts in triumph. The giants turn their attention on him. “I’ll keep them busy, you escape,” he orders. And he sprints out of the room, hollering insults and the monsters. Meanwhile, Bagan isn’t doing so well.    He took  my instructions ‘distract them’ as ‘fight them, even though you’ll die’. I quickly get Toness out of her cell and examine Bagan.

 “Hmmmm, think you can fix him twice in a day?” Toness asks. 

“That healing took a lot of might out of me.” 

“I could maybe heal his twisted ankle?” I offer. “What about his other twisted ankle?” she asks, shaking her head at Bagan. “That we’ll worry about later,” I say. “Larry is what we worry about now.” We rush to the hall, and I almost collapse. The walls are elaborately designed with complicated patterns, swirling in a mix and making me dizzy. “Didn’t expect this,” I groan. “The walls….they’re-they’re coming…. in….and…. out…” I faint.  

“OOF!” Those are the first words I hear. I strain my eyes to open, but they disagree. More sleep, they urge. Nope, not working. I force my eyelids to snap open. Obviously, I’m kidnapped. A gruff voice crackles through the room. “A nasty team they are, eh Râu?” A voice-Şarpe, I  place-says.  “YES!”Râu agrees. “Hmm, seems one has woken up,”Şarpe says, frowning. It should have been a killing blow. I immediately realize my friends are probably dead. Maybe they didn’t catch Larry, I hope.

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