Element Island

Introducing The Four Main Elements

Have you ever wondered if there was a place where all the elements huddled together, deciding what major thing was gonna happen next with them? Like: mudslide or earthquake? Avalanche or blizzard? Wildfire or volcano eruption? Flood or tsunami? Tornado or Hurricane? Well, there is. Element Island. 

                        At Element Island….

“It’s my turn to cause a natural disaster!” Ice argued. “Blizzard!” “No, blizzards are my making!” Ice’s brother, Snow, insisted. “Fine! Then ice storm or at least hail!” “No, your turns were last time,” Water reasoned. “Then all that should have melted into water.” “Hurricane!” “Hurricanes are my making,” Air mooted. “No, MINE! They form in WATER!” Then they sensed a plume of rage. Especially Ice and Snow and Water. “Fire,” they all breathed. Fire wasn’t necessarily the strongest and most feared, that would be Mother Earth. But every year, they had a contest called ‘Whip Up Some Disaster!’ and Fire had constantly won six times in a row. He could create some pretty serious damage. “Relax,” he rasped in his gravelly voice. 

   “MY TURN.” “Yes, Fire,” they immediately agreed. “Wildfire.” Everyone slowly backed away. Whenever an element created a natural disaster, all their power was put temporarily into the making, causing a miniature explosion of whatever the element was. Fire was just about to whisper the location, when he cowered in fear. His nemesis, Lava. Even hotter than him. Both ways.Water, the only ‘girl’ element, fainted. The rest tried to look cool around the handsomest element.The only reason Fire wasn’t attractive was because he could choose two meanings of ‘hot’ to be his personality. Same with Lava. Fire chose ‘Rage but not good-looking’, which was a mistake. Even if he chose Lava’s choice, ‘Handsome’, he could still go into rage mode. Just not all the time. “Hey, bro,” he greeted Fire. 

                           TO BE         

         CONTINUED . . .

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