Bert And Akrit and the Sweet Eating Savage

Chapter one: Baseball cards

I, Akrit Simha Lutetia, am on a blood-curdling adventure to find the hidden treasure. Then, I hear a thump, thump, thump. And then-Akrit! Akrit! AKRIT! “Huh? Yeah?” I said as I sleepily rubbed my eyes. “Do you want pepper on your eggs? Mom asked impatiently. “Sure,” I replied, still not fully awake. I ate breakfast in silence and asked mom if I could go over to Bert’s ( My best friend and neighbor) house for a few hours. Mom laughed. “Today’s a school day, silly,” Mom said. I quickly told her it was a Saturday and asked her again. (She realized it with a slap on her face.) She said it was okay on one condition: I have to be back by 3:00. Which was a good deal because 3:00 was in five hours. I put on my shoes and walked over to his house. Bert was already at the door. “What took you so long?” he joked. Bert was the kind of person who was super agile and energetic and would say jumping into a volcano that was about to erupt is not a risk at all. And to prove he wasn’t just bragging and boasting he would actually do it. Anyway, he led me to his room and we did what we always did when I came to his house. Trade baseball cards. I ended up trading Jackie Robinson for Willie Mays and he, to my surprise, traded Mike Trout for Cy Young. After that, his mom came into the room and asked if we wanted a snack. We both said yes, for all that debating, begging, persuading, convincing, and pleading had made us PRETTY hungry.🍭 “Do you want some fruit-roll-ups? she asked.I bought some yesterday.” “Definitely,” we both replied. So she went to the kitchen and came back with a frown on her face. “I couldn’t find them,” she said. Maybe you would want Flaming Hot Cheetos instead?” “Okay,” we responded. Though we were slightly disappointed. So she returned to the kitchen and a few moments later, she came back with a ginormous bag that said CHEETOS in big, bold letters. She left it in our room to eat and in a second, disappeared. We ate a few cheetos and then launched into a conversation about getting way too much homework and never getting to sit and relax. We talked for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time and then I noticed it was already 2:57. I quickly said good-bye and raced to my house.Sure enough, mom was waiting for me with folded arms and was wearing a face that gave the impression she had been waiting for eternity. “No video games for two days,she said sternly, showing that there was no way out of this. “Gosh, you don’t have to be so dramatic,” I said, even more dramatically than her. I immediately regretted those words and realized my mistake. Too late. I had already started a dumb arguement about who was more dramatic. But before she could say a word, I said I was hungry ( I should have said something else because I had nicked a bunch of cheetos from Bert’s

 and stuffed ’em’ in my mouth on the way home and now was completely full). 

Chapter 2: The Fruit-Roll-Ups

I ate lunch extremely s…l…o…w…l…y and almost fell asleep eating. So I just asked if I could be excused and, of course, dashed to my room after that. Unlike Bert, I was feeling extremely cryptic and suspicious after I heard about the missing fruit-roll-ups. I only didn’t tell Bert because I was afraid that it would worry him. But exactly when I had got home I remembered who Bert was. I decided I should tell him about the problem on Tuesday because I wanted to give mom a little time about the argument we had earlier. Plus, if she was still not over it, I could talk to Bert on Roblox.

Chapter 3: The Creature

A few days later, when I was at Bert’s house, I heard a loud roar outside. When I was looking out the window to see what was up, I caught a glimpse of a huge, round, spiky creature tossing cars like they were toys. “Bert, look!” I yelled, pointing to the big creature. But Bert was already on his way out.

A few minutes later, we discovered that the creature’s strength  was sweets. I spotted my mom running toward me. Before she could say a word, I said, “Hide, mom.” “But-” she said, but I cut her off. “Hide, mom,” I said more firmly. “Fine,” she said. Before she ran off, I said “Oh, and don’t hide anywhere where there are sweets.” She looked at me with a puzzled face, but obeyed me. “Okay, Bert, so first we need a plan. Bert?” I sighed. Sometimes I wished I didn’t have a friend like Bert.

Chapter 4: Vegetables And Fruits

Ten minutes later, Bert came back with handfuls of food. “Where did you get all that food?” I asked him. “My mom wasn’t in the house,”  Bert replied casually. “Oh,” I said. We both snatched some food and threw it at the monster, but it only got bigger. Dang it,  I thought,  I have got to figure out how to beat this monster.

 And then it came to me.  All I have to do is feed the monster the opposite of sweets,  I thought.  “Hey Bert,” I said, “find as many vegetables and fruits as you can and throw it at the monster!” “Ok,” Bert said, and he was off.

Bert returned with a LOT of fruits and vegetables when he came back.

Yes! I thought.

We threw  some vegetables at the monster and… It worked! The monster shrank! It got smaller and smaller and smaller until it was as small as a baseball. Bert picked it up and threw it as far as he could, which-let me tell you this-is farther than you think. It soared through the air and finally came to a drop far, far away.

Whew, I thought. I am glad that is over.

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