The Mordan’s Mailbox

By Aadi S. Mukherjee

Let me tell you one thing. The Mordan’s mailbox has never been opened. I mean  NEVER. Some people think that it is haunted and that if you open it bats will come flying at you and will always be watching you. Flora Mordan used to only kind of think it was haunted. One part of her mind thought it was haunted and deadly but another part of her mind, a much greater part of her mind, actually, thought it was just an ordinary mailbox that had never been used. But since Peter Mcwillson opened the mailbox and was never the same again her mind turned fully to thinking it was haunted. Same with Joey Files,her neighbor and best friend. Joey and Flora both imagined the same two things: one is that both of them (Flora and Joey knew that they would do it together because they were very close together and Flora’s mom always let them have play dates.) would open the mailbox and be the town’s most  courageous and brave people. The other one was that they pretended to have had to get on a motor boat with an amazing propellor and steer through the water that thrashed and swayed and squeeze through a canal hardly getting through and get on top of pilings to make sure they will not be going down a waterfall just to to get to the mailbox. Even though the mailbox was right in front of her house. The reason she didn’t know if the mailbox was ordinary or not was because every single time she asked her mom or dad if the mailbox was normal or crazy they would suddenly stop speaking and go back to doing whatever they were doing before as if nothing had happened. Flora and Joey agreed that both of their parents were the sort of people that started freaking out when they even just heard the name,”mailbox”. But they just freaked out in their head. One day, Flora decided that she and Joey should have secret meetings about when to open the mailbox or “THE HAUNTED BOX” as they called it and also they should talk about how to open it. Joey agreed. “Hey Joey, what if we steal my mom’s megaphone and try to call everyone in town so they will see us opening “THE HAUNTED BOX”?” Flora said one evening when they were having a secret meeting. “We can try,”said Joey, doubtful. So on Sunday afternoon when Flora’s mom was on a work call they snuck down into the basement and started searching. They lifted huge boxes, squeezed through tiny spaces, and climbed tall shelves, but they couldn’t find it. “We are running out of time,” Joey said, when 20 minutes of searching were done. Do you think we should search your mom’s bedroom? Flora was surprised. Joey usually did not take risks. “Are you sure we should?”she said. “Maybe?” Joey said. The next thing he knew Flora had dragged him into her mom’s bedroom. The first place they searched was under her bed. “Look,” Joey said pointing to a large, cardboard box that said,MEGAPHONE. “Cool, I just figured out my mom is not good at hiding things,” Flora said wryly. She quickly got a pair of scissors from her room and was about to cut it open when she heard her mom coming up the stairs and calling, “Flora,Joey, I’m done with my call!” “Dang it,”Joey said and Flora and Joey raced to Flora’s room before her mom could see them. “Yeah mom,” Flora said when her mom came upstairs. “There you are!” Flora’s mom said. Why are y’all panting and breathing very fast? “Umm… because… Joey and I were… doing yoga! replied Flora. “Okay,” Flora’s mom said and she went back to the kitchen, muttering about how Flora needs a therapist.  “Whew!” Flora and Joey said when Flora’s mom was fully out of earshot. “I need to go to the bathroom,” Flora said suddenly. “Okay,” Joey said suspiciously. And Flora went out of the room. Joey watched her to make sure she was headed to the bathroom. But exactly when he went back into the room Flora turned back and headed to her mom’s bedroom.When Flora came back she was holding a large megaphone in her hands and wearing a big grin on her face. Joey was not surprised. Flora always did things like this. “Wait a second, if the megaphone works when we test it out then your mom will probably hear it and she will ground us for  life and if it doesn’t work we’ll have to try to figure out what’s wrong with it and how we are supposed to fix it,” Joey complained. “Your first question is easy but the second one we will have to get lucky, Flora said. The answer to your first question is that we should not test it and when we use it my mom is probably going to forgive us because we opened “THE HAUNTED BOX”. The answer to your second question is… I have absolutely no idea! They both decided that they should make their announcement about how they were going to open “THE HAUNTED BOX on Saturday morning.So one morning on a Saturday  two figures named Flora and Joey were practicing their speech without the megaphone. When they finally agreed it was perfect, they turned it on Low and said, “Bla.” It worked! So after exchanging a lot of nervous and anxious looks, they started. This is what they said: Hello ladies and gentlemen. I, Flora Mordan, and my best friend Joey Files, will open the mailbox that some of you think is haunted and solve the mystery of the Mordan’s Mailbox. You all do not have to look but Joey and I will, and we shall tell you what is there. I shall open it right now. Everyone quickly looked away.When Joey and Flora found what was inside, they were flustered. Inside was a cool toy set! They told everyone. Everyone cheered. Everything worked out. Flora and Joey were celebrated. Her mom forgave them. 

The End

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